Panther's RealOTS Client

In order to play, please download our client.
Our client use some retoro (and custom) sprites.
We have also added some new (and old) items to the client.

Map Files

If you feel you know Tibia well enough, you can choose to also download the map files.
These maps will remove the darkness from almost all of Tibia.
Extract these files to the PROTS Client directory .

WASD Keys (Autohotkey Script AHK)

This is a basic config script for AutoHotkey
Toggles WASD and 1-9 as walking keys and F1-F9. Ctrl+Enter to Pause/Unpause
You will need to install AutoHotkey to run this fine.
It is very easy to add/remove from this base config buy opening the file in any text editor like notpad or notepad++. If you don't already have Autohotkey, but are interneted. Learn more on their site,
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